About Unitycovid19

UnityCovid19 is an online B2B Marketplace for Health and Medical products. We had a clear vision and mission in early 2020. UnityCovid19 is a robust B2B ecommerce platform which has been designed and structured to supply all health, medical products and equipment directly to Governments, Hospitals and Non-Government Organization’s to better prepare for health emergencies with the current pandemic and future challenges that the world may face. UnityCovid19 facilitates this, allowing procurement teams in health, medical and the disability sectors to purchase direct from trusted manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors all on one B2B platform.

We shall continue to strive to bring to market the latest technologies, saving departments considerable amounts of time with clear product cost cutting efficiencies. This disrupts and eliminates the scrupulous fraud activity and the unnecessary price increases.

With a continual growing number of product inquiries, our team, together with our vast international supply network can quickly source a trusted product for you. Please kindly submit your details in the link provided here and one of team members will kindly assist.

Click here to go to the Unitycovid19 Product Sourcing Request

UnityCovid19 continues to improve and adopt new technologies as soon they are available. We welcome new manufacturers and distributors in joining our mission to supply internationally the products required to keep people safe and healthy.

With unity our joint missions can be achieved far greater and more efficiently.